Day 12 - Wednesday 18th April 2012


last night there was thunder and lightning, followed by some heavy (but not long-lived) rain. The effects on yesterday's "dry fords" was obvious.

As was the ability of the water to move the sandy soil.

The roads were - interesting. The walking women had removed their shoes to walk in the squishy mud.

We retraced Monday's route back towards Voi, seeing less wildlife today, but these birds looked impressive.

There are good views of various lines of hills as you cross Tsavo West National Park.

We turned off and went to Bura, in Taita district. This is the mother house of the sisters of St Joseph, the only order which is strictly Kenyan (or East African, with Tanzania and Uganda).

The sisters' family tree.

Joe catches up with one of the sisters.

The house is in an idyllic setting, nestled in the hills.

This was the first Catholic church built in Kenya.

Some of the sisters - Clotilde, Mariana and Bridgita.

Inside the historic church.

The new, bigger church which is being built.


Joe then took me on a circuitous route through the Taita Hills, with great scenery, some shots below (often from a moving truck - apologies for blur).

And then on to Voi, for tea. I then drove the stretch from Voi to Mtwapa, where we had supper, Tusker and dancing at Kendas. And so, for the last time, to bed.

Maps of today's activities.

The Taita Hills Excursion

Elevation profile for Taita Hills Excursion