Day 10 - Monday 16th April 2012

To Taveta

We were up soon after 4, away soon after 5, then fuelled we worked our way through and out of Mombasa on the Nairobi road, the early stages full of slow lorries, with the overnight buses from up-country heading in to Mombasa. We were at Voi for breakfast in 3 hours. Along the way, the road and railway often run in parallel, and we actually saw a "train for Julian"

After breakfast we took the Taveta road from Voi, which is being reconstructed, so I got some shots for my colleagues in Highways.

Making bricks by the roadside.

The road passses through sisal plantations, and there are some odd shaped hills.

Further on they were patching the old road - well, filling the potholes with murram.

The sisal here, unlike that around Vipingo, grows tall spikes, which are used as timber.

A typical view of one of the small towns we passed through.

I've shown buildings painted for advertising (not normally selling the products they advertise) in previous years, but not these brands.

The whole extended family out working the shamba.

We were passing through Tsavo West National Park, but there were few animals to be seen: baboons


Drink break

An interesting bird

Guinea fowl?

I'm pretty sure tis is a helmeted guinea fowl.

It wasn't clear whether these lumps of concrete had been exposed when the road was washed away, or were to prevent it from being washed away again.

As we approached Timbila, we saw Fr Francis cycling the other way - he turned back to meet us.

Our destination.

After lunch and a rest, we set out for Eldoro, through Taveta town, then across the wetlands which extend from Lake Jipe.

Eldoro has lots of rocks sticking out!

First stop - the dispensary.

Part of the dispensary is being refurbished to make a maternity unit.

This little maternity ward has a view of Kilimanjaro!

The dispensary.

After sodas with the sisters, we headed for the priest's house, climbing round one of the big rocks.

The priest's house look pretty swish.

An interesting flowering plant with its fruit.

The footings have been dug for a huge church - where they'll find the congregation I don't know.

Kenyans love football, and where better to play than below Africa's highest mountain.

Kenyan women carry some amazing loads on their heads.

Sun setting over the Lake Jipe wetlands.

Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest point is the flatter bit on the left.

Sheep, goats and cattle being herded together.

Maps of today's activities.